英国顶尖法学院排名 & 排名(2022年更新)


查看威廉希尔官网版App的完整指南 提供法律学位的顶尖大学 去英国学习. We’ve also curated a list of high-ranking universities which offer affordable, 国际公认的法律资格.



的 大学 排行榜 for Law shows some of the top ranking universities to study Law in the UK. We’ve compiled a list of universities you should look out for, 根据英国排名和全球排名以及入学要求进行排序.

伦敦大学学院法律法学学士(荣誉)£ 23,3003年38
格拉斯哥大学普通法法学学士(荣誉)£ 17,6204年516N/A
英国杜伦大学法律法学学士(荣誉)£ 21,7303年76黄金
布里斯托大学法律法学学士(荣誉)£ 20,1003年917
约克大学法律法学学士(荣誉)£ 18,3503年1518黄金
谢菲尔德大学法律法学学士(荣誉)£ 19,0503年1626


剑桥大学 consistently ranked at number one for Law studies in the UK. 成立于1209年, this prestigious institution is world-renowned for outstanding academic success, 吸引了来自英国和世界各地的学生.

In 2020, 伦敦大学学院 伦敦大学学院(伦敦大学学院)的法律学位在英国排名第二. 靠近市区的:靠近市区的, students get to experience the hustle and bustle of a Londoner’s life as well as the rich culture and exciting social scene London has to offer. 伦敦大学学院也是英格兰第三古老的大学.

苏格兰 格拉斯哥大学 Law在英国排名第五. 位于风景优美的苏格兰, students get to experience a beautiful olden-style castle-like backdrop: 的 Glasgow 大学 campus. Perfect if you’d like to experience the rich cultural experience the Scots have to offer.


英国杜伦大学 法律专业在英国排名第七. Despite it being one of the oldest and historic universities in the UK (which is a great cultural experience for students), 他们为自己的现代生活感到自豪, forward-mindset. Students get to explore the historical and scenic town of Durham which has an old British charm like no other.

没有什么比优秀的业绩记录更好的了. 的 肯特大学的 produces some of the highest paid law graduates in terms of starting salaries. 的 institution has an excellent track record of employability and has an affordable tuition fee.

布里斯托大学 is one of UK top 10 universities according to the QS rankings. 该机构以充满活力而自豪, vibrant community which is a stone’s throw away from the historical charm of the city. In short, you get the best of both worlds – the city and the outdoors. 的 course comes with an embedded law clinic programme that enables students to work on real-life cases, 有专业的指导和支持.




的 first step is to look for popular and high-ranking Universities in the UK which offer courses you are interested in. 参考上面的表格开始您的搜索. 申请时要考虑的事情:

  • 位置
  • 就业能力
  • 费用
  • 准入要求
  • 大学排名


UCAS is a UK-based organisation whose main role is to operate the application process for British universities. You can apply for multiple Universities simultaneously to ensure you get multiple offers. 阅读威廉希尔官网版App的 这里是UCAS的完整指南. 当你准备好了,直接通过大学入学申请办事处网站申请.


Once the application to UCAS is done, you’ll have to wait to get your offer letters. 来和威廉希尔官网版App谈谈 once you’ve received an offer letter and want to make arrangements to apply for that 大学.


Here are some of the common entry requirements and tests a student has to pass before being accepted at a UK law school:

  • 英语语言测试要求 ——如 雅思考试 or 托福考试.
  • 国家法律能力倾向测验. 的 LNAT test is a requirement for all students who wish to study a Law Degree in a UK 大学. 它可以帮助你了解法律学位是否适合你, and it helps universities determine if you’ll succeed in this course.
  • Criminal records declaration (DBS/Disclosure Scotland for Scottish Universities) 健康检查. All potential medical students are required to undergo screening for blood borne viruses. 细节将提供,如果你接受一个提议.
  • 大学入学面试.
  • 个人陈述. This is a supporting document an part of your application to a UK university. 通常, you will write about what you hope to achieve studying at the course, what you plan to do after graduating and why you are applying for this specific university. 


Getting into a good Law school in the UK is not easy, which is why we’ve prepared a 全面的指导, A-Z关于如何进入英国法学院. 在这里阅读指南:


的 number 1 university for law in the UK is currently the 剑桥大学, as of 2022.

的 Law National Aptitude Test (LNAT) is a requirement for all students who wish to study a Law Degree in a UK 大学. 除此之外, the common entry requirements for studying law in the UK include: English language tests, 犯罪记录声明, 健康检查, 入学面试和提交个人陈述.

在英国,法律学位的学费取决于大学, 但价格在16英镑之间,000 to £24,每年为国际学生提供3万美元. Rankings and location of a university might also affect the price.

For most law degrees, it is best to apply before 15 of January of the year of admission. Take note that if you are applying for most courses in Oxford and Cambridge 大学, 你需要在10月15日前申请.

英国顶尖法学院- 2021年排名和排行榜

Looking for the 2021 results and rankings for the top UK universities for Law? 以下是2021年法律课程排行榜.

大学学科排名费用(£Per annual)
伦敦政治经济学院4 £21,570
伦敦国王学院6 £23,550
布里斯托大学9£ 20,100


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